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IT Leadership A-Z

Carol Albert, University Information Supervisor
Telephone and Security 114

Responsibilities: NIU directory assistance, campus and community information to NIU and outside callers




Thomas Andrew, Database Administration Support Team Lead
B.S., Computer Science
Wellness and Literacy 2123-08

Responsibilities: PeopleSoft Administration, Oracle Database Administration




Diane Ashley, Administrative Assistant
B.S., Community Health
Wellness and Literacy 2100

Responsibilities: Administrative support for CIO, senior directors, managers




Marisa Benson, Associate Vice President
M.A. Historic Preservation, M.S. History and Sociology of Science and Technology, J.D. Juris Doctor
Wellness and Literacy 2106

Responsibilities: Project Management, IT Governance, Service Management



Sally Betz, ERP Application Support Associate Director
M.S., Computer Science
Wellness and Literacy 2218 

Responsibilities: MyNIU Student System, MyNIU Portal, FMS System, Human Resources System, ERP Training



Nick Choban, Information Services and Operations Senior Director
M.A., Management
Wellness and Literacy 2108

Responsibilities: ERP Applications Support; Systems & Infrastructure; Academic, Administrative & Web applications; Information Security; IT Help Desk; and Production Support



Brett Coryell, Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Information Technology
M.S., Computer Science
Wellness and Literacy 2100 

Responsibilities: NIU student career success through the creative and efficient use of informational technology through managing the central IT group.



Al Crowley, Desktop Support & Network Field Services Manager
M.S., Management Information Systems
Labs for Wellness 160 

Responsibilities: IT Desktop Support, Network Field Services





Jaysen Curran, Outreach Applications Manager
Wellness and Literacy 2212

Responsibilities: Conference registrations, campus recreation memberships and services, athletics summer camps registrations, journal paper submissions, motorcycle safety registrations and reporting, and credit and non-credit course scheduling and reporting.



Ken Erickson, Production Support Manager
M.S., Soil Science
Wellness and Literacy 2205

Responsibilities: Helpdesk, Northern Illinois Monitoring Center, Production Control, Production Support



Craig Fritz, Portal Support Team Lead
B.S., Computer Science
Wellness and Literacy 2202-22 

Responsibilities: MyNIU portal




Dawn N. Gavin, Helpdesk Supervisor
Wellness and Literacy 2203 

Responsibilities: Helpdesk, Northern Illinois Monitoring Center 





Sylvia Gorman, Systems and Infrastructure Associate Director
Wellness and Literacy 2131

Responsibilities: Storage and server infrastructure, ERP infrastructure architecture, data center




Sabrina Hammond, Communication Services Manager
M.S.Ed, Human Resource Development
Telephone and Security 114 

Responsibilities: University Information, Mobility Support, Software Distribution Services, Communication Services



Earl Hanssen, Student Administration Support Team Lead
Wellness and Literacy 2202-26

Responsibilities: PeopleSoft Student Administration





Ruperto Herrera, Academic Application Support Manager
M.S., Management Information Systems
Wellness and Literacy 2202-09

Responsibilities: Blackboard Learn System Administrator, Blackboard Transact System Administrator, Blackboard Mobile Implementation Manager, Blackboard Analytics System Administrator, Helix Media Library System Administrator, Web Analyst / Developer



John Highland, HR Team Lead
Wellness and Literacy 2202-05

Responsibilities: Human Resources





Deb Hill, Communication Services Assistant Manager
Telephone and Security 114 

Responsibilities: Support Associates, escalated inquiries, SL100/CS2100 switch and related peripherals, work orders




Dan Ihm, Academic, Administrative, and Web Application Services Associate Director
B.S., Computer Science and Mathematics
Wellness and Literacy 2217

Responsibilities: Web application development and support, Administrative Applications support, Blackboard (Learn, Transact, and Mobile), Enterprise Document Imaging, Outreach Applications, and Student Affairs support



John Kearsing, Windows Systems Suppport Manager
M.S., Management Information Systems
Wellness and Literacy 2123

Responsibilities: Windows Server Infrastructure,  IT Lab Infrastructure and Development,  Anywhere Lab Infrastructure, Windows Enterprise Apps Infrastructure 



Cindy Kozumplik, ERP Training Team Lead
M.S. Ed, Instructional Technology
Wellness and Literacy 2134

Responsibilities: MyNIU, Office, OnBase, USI, and Novell Vibe workshops, documentation and testing



Adam Kuhn, Administrative Applications Manager
M.S., Management Information Systems
Wellness and Literacy 2139

Responsibilities: Messaging systems & administrative applications




Herb Kuryliw, Network and Technology Architect
B.S., Computer Science
WL 2133-01

Responsibilities: High-speed networks for research advancement, administrative resources, academic initiatives and economic development; design of advanced networks in the northern Illinois region



Jim Meyers, Security Administration Manager
Wellness and Literacy 2023 

Responsibilities: University-wide information security




Vance Moore, Production Support Lead
Wellness and Literacy 2202-40 

Responsibilities: Production Support




Danell Nixon, Program Administrative Assistant
Founders Memorial Library 274

Responsibilities: Copiers, Anywhere Printing





Matthew Parks, Network and Communication Services Senior Director
M.P.A., Finance
Wellness and Literacy 2104

Responsibilities: Academic Computing Operations & Support, Broadband Technology - NIUNet, Construction Project Management, Desktop Support, Document Services, Field Services, IT Communication Services, Network Services



Joe Pourroy, Print Production Coordinator
Human Resources 155

Responsibilities: Process Manager for Front Office and Order Entry





Travis Reidl, Bindery Foreman
Human Resources 116

Responsibilities: Bindery, mailing, shipping, production schedule board, supply of materials





Irene Sanderson, Human Resources / Financial Management Systems Team Lead
M.S., Computer Science
Wellness and Literacy 2202-02 

Responsibilities: PeopleSoft Financials, Human Resources




Charles E. Schumann, Jr., Academic Computing Operations and Support Manager
Swen Parson 130 

Responsibilities: IT-managed computer labs, computer classrooms, and smart-classrooms, project and facility management; space design for select IT offices



Tim Schwartz, Student Affairs Manager
B.S., Information Technology
Wellness and Literacy 2135 

Responsibilities: Project management and Administration for Student Affairs, NIU Emergency Notification System Administrator



Betty Shearon, Business Office Manager
B.A., Education
Wellness and Literacy 2121

Responsibilities: IT Business Office




Brian Thompson, Document Services and Copier Services Superintendent
Human Resources 155

Responsibilities: Creative, printing, binding, mailing and copying services





Al Tody, Network Engineering Manager
B.S., Finance
Wellness and Literacy 150 

Responsibilities: Enterprise and Regional Networks




Phil Torgerson, Document Printing and Copier Services Supervisor
Human Resources 159B 

Responsibilities:  Pre-press, press and digital print; scheduling, purchasing and print production planning; customer service; Document Services online storefront




Craig D. Williams, Enterprise Document Imaging & Scanning Services Manager
Wellness and Literacy 2223

Responsibilities: Document imaging, OnBase content management system, scanning and advanced forms processing



Fred Williams, Infrastructure Support Manager
Wellness and Literacy 2125

Responsibilities: MS SQL, Vmware, Monitoring, F5, Research Computing