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Saving files in AnywhereApps to AnywhereFiles

If you haven't already, install AnywhereApps by going to and clicking Install.

go to and click Install

Wait for installation to complete.

wait for installation to complete

Then click Continue.

click Continue

If you are in a computer lab, go to and click Skip to Log on.

You will then be able to access your applications.

access your applications in Anywhere Apps

Save a file and choose the H: drive as the location.

choose the H: drive

The first time you save to your H: drive, select the “Permit Use” setting and “Permit All Access” option to allow AnywhereApps access. (Note: Faculty in departments that don’t have IT-maintained home directories don’t have H: drives.)

choose Permit use to permit Anywhere Apps to access your H: drive

choose Permit all access

If you previously chose “Block access,” change this setting in the Connection Center (which is only available while you are using an app, such as MS Word) This is a blue circle icon in the sys tray.

Left-click the up arrow to show hidden icons. Right-click the blue dot “Connection Center” and select “Open Connection Center.”

change Block access in the Connection Center from an application

Change the “Session Security Files:” settings to allow AnywhereApps access to you computer’s file system:  Change “No Access” to “Full Access.” You will now be able to save your files to the H: drive.

change the Session Security Files: settings to Full Access