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AnywherePrints from a computer or laptop

Install AnywherePrints

Note: You must be connected to NIUwireless, not NIUguest to download the client.

  1. Download the Mac or Windows AnywherePrints Client
  2. Read & accept license agreement
  3. Click install
  4. Click finish once installation is complete

Submit your print job

  1. Select File Print from the application. The printer defaults are black & white and single-sided.
  2. Enter your Z-ID to use your print quota or Huskie Bucks
    - OR -
    Enter the 6-digit number on the front of a Courtesy Card (not your AccountID).

Your print job will be available for 24 hours.
AnywherePrints locations

Get your printed document

  1. Swipe your OneCard or Courtesy card at any Anywhere Printer.
  2. Select your print job. You will see only your print jobs.
  3. Select PRINT.
  4. Select LOG OUT and collect your print job.