New Students - Getting Started

Your Z-ID and Password

Your Z-ID

All applicants and admitted students are assigned a Z-ID. It is permanent. 

If you don't know your Z-ID:

Applicants and admitted students: Call 815-753-8100 (24/7/365)

Enrolled students

  1. Go to the Directory
  2. Look up your name
  3. Select your name. A new window will open.
  4. Your Z-ID is the first part of your email address.

Or call 815-753-8100 (24/7/365).

Your password

An initial password is assigned to you. It expires after 5 uses.

It is recommended that you change your initial password first thing at

The new password you set will be valid for 365 days.

Your initial password is:

  • Your birthdate in NIU.YYYYMmmDD format
    • Mmm is the first 3 characters of the Month with the first letter capitalized
    • Example: January 1, 1994 = NIU.1994Jan01

Accounts created before June 29, 2015, have a different initial password format:

  • Your birthdate in YYYYMmmDD format
    • Mmm is the first 3 characters of the Month
    • Example: January 1, 1994 = 1994Jan01

If you need help, call the Helpdesk at 815-753-8100.

Change your password any time

You can change your password any time at

NIU student email is powered by Google

Your email address is your 

NIU communicates with you through NIU Google gmail. 

Get NIU Google gmail the way you want it:

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