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Clicker FAQ

Can a clicker be purchased for one class and be used in another?

  • Yes, students can use clickers in multiple classes.

What if my clicker is defective?

  • Return the clicker to the university bookstore. If the clicker is determined to be defective, the university bookstore will replace it.

Do students have to purchase an enrollment code each semester?

  • No, clickers don’t require the purchase of an enrollment code.

Can two students use the same clicker?

  • No. Although different students could previously use the same clicker in different classes during the same term, that is no longer the case. 

    Students with a previously owned clicker (purchased from another student) need to re-register. Register a new or pre-owned clicker through Blackboard

Can students sell or give their clickers at the end of the semester to other students?

  • Yes, they can.

Do clickers come with batteries?

  • Yes, clickers come with batteries.

What is the projected life of a clicker?

  • The projected battery life is about a year. Each clicker has a battery life indicator.

Where can the clickers be purchased?

  • Students can purchase clickers at the university bookstore. 

How can I find out more about the functions of the ResponseCard NXT?

Who can a student contact to troubleshoot a technical issue?