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Support for Students

Blackboard -

Z-ID and password

Your Blackboard ID and password are your Z-ID and password.

If you can't log in, try accessing your student e-mail with your Z-ID and password to see if the issue is with your credentials or with Blackboard.

Always log out of Blackboard with the logout button, never by just closing the browser. Logging out incorrectly can interfere with subsequent log-ins. If you get locked out, wait 30 minutes and try again. 

Email address

Blackboard uses your student email address

Student e-mail addresses and phone numbers do not appear in Blackboard's User Directory.


Enable JavaScript in your browser

If you get "No authentication credentials were provided with the request" you may have JavaScript disabled in your browser.

Operating Systems and Browsers

Blackboard Known Issues with IE 11 and Java 7

Browser Support for SP 11


Your Courses

Not all instructors create a Blackboard component for their courses.

Some courses are not viewable until after the semester has started.

It takes one business day for course registration to show in Blackboard. So if you just registered for or dropped a course, check on the following business day after 9:30 am. If you still don’t see your course, check if there is a Blackboard component. Your instructor can check whether or not you appear in their Blackboard course roster.

Hide old courses by clicking on “Manage My Courses Module Settings” in the My Courses title bar. Uncheck old courses and Submit. Also, the course instructor can set the old course to be unavailable.