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Copier Services

Open a Huskie Bucks account or purchase a copy card

Campus copiers do not take cash. Use your OneCard or purchase a Courtesy card.

There are a few ways to get a copy card:

  • Open a Huskie Bucks account at the NIU OneCard office, located in the lower level of Holmes Student Center. Complete a short form and make a minimum deposit of $25.00 to open your account.
  • Purchase a Courtesy Card at any Value Transfer Station (VTS).  Cards cost $1.00.  Value must be added to the card before you can make copies. If you purchase a card at a VTS station,  remember you must swipe your card to activate it.
  • NIU Departments can get Credit Courtesy cards at > Copier Services. Copies on these cards will be invoiced monthly by the Division of Information Technology.

Adding value to a copy card

  • Value Transfer Stations - Value can be added to Courtesy Cards originally purchased at a Value Transfer Station (VTS) or to NIU OneCards. Transactions are time sensitive (40 seconds), so have your Courtesy Card or NIU OneCard and cash ready before you begin your transaction.  
  • > Copier Services. Submit this form to add value to Department Debit Cards purchased from the Division of Information Technology.  Department Debit Cards cannot be recharged at a VTS.

Value Transfer Stations (VTS) locations

Campus Map

  • Barsema Hall  - 1st floor by the ATM and vending machines
  • Founders Memorial Library - 1st Floor West
  • Gabel Hall - Learning Center (Room 8)
  • Holmes Student Center Main Floor 
  • NIU-Rockford
  • NIU-Hoffman Estates
  • NIU-Naperville
  • Recreation Center
  • Swen Parson Hall - Law Library