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Meter Readings

Meter readings are taken ten times per year, each month except July and December.  Copiers with card readers attached are read during the first eight days of the month.  Copiers without card readers are read and reported by e-mailing the Huskie Prints office,, or by calling Huskie Prints at 1-815-753-1662, or by submitting meter readings on-line.

Instructions for on-line meter readings:

  1. Go to submitting meter readings on-line.
  2. When the new page opens, enter the user name and password provided to you by the Huskie Prints' supervisor. If you do not have the user name and password and you have a copier for which you need to submit meter readings on-line, contact the Huskie Prints office at 753-1662.
  3. Click on, or tab to, "SERVICE" in the upper right corner. The meter read screen will display.
  4. Enter your ID# or the serial# for your equipment.  Use upper case letters when typing letters.
  5. Click Enter.
  6. Enter your meter reading in the blank field.  Do not change the e-mail address listed or you will not receive credit for having entered your reading.
  7. Click the "Submit" button or hit Enter on your keyboard.
  8. When the message that the meter was updated displays, click "Ok".

Contact us if you have questions.