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Document Services

Integrated Marketing Solutions

The Document Services storefront provides the university community with an easy, flexible and scalable solution for creating and generating personalized and customized documents.

Our online storefront was built from the ground up for variable publishing. Flexibility is built into every component and every feature. The storefront is a variable publishing solution that adapts quickly to our growing and evolving university business needs.

Develop a multi-channel campaign using print, e-mail and web. Use variable information such as addresses, personalization and images to create a unique targeted message for each individual.


  • Personalization - Add personal information from a database to make your variable publishing project reach target audiences.
  • Customization - Create different versions of a document for different situations.
  • Web-to-Print - Upload content and data from your computer, your personal storefront library or the Internet.
  • Scalable Architecture - Add capacity easily and manage both large and small installations.

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