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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a GroupWise account?

All employees are automatically given an AccountID and GroupWise e-mail account by the PeopleSoft Human Resource Information System. 

What is my password?

The password that goes with your AccountID is also your GroupWise password.


How do I change my information?

To change your name, fill out the Human Resources Personal Data - Name Address Form.
To change your phone number, fill out Update your Faculty/Staff directory information.


How do I set an out of office rule?

Set up a vacation rule


How do I proxy into a mailbox?

  1. Choose File then select Proxy.
  2. In the Proxy dialog box, click on the address book icon, located next to the OK button.
  3. From the Novell GroupWise Address Book - find the name of the GW account you have been given proxy rights to and click OK
  4. Under Proxy List - double click the account you want to proxy to, it will take you to that account.
  5. To go back to your account, click the drop down arrow next to Proxy and select your account.


Simplify GroupWise start-up

Novell client users can simplify GroupWise start-up

Why doesn't a contact's name auto-fill anymore?

Update your GroupWise address books

What happens to my account when I leave NIU?

The PeopleSoft Human Resources Information System updates employee information daily. When an employee terminates, the GroupWise e-mail account remains for 210 days, then disabled. At that point, messages sent to that mailbox will be rejected and returned to the sender. After 30 days, the account will be deleted and purged from the network.
Retiring? See Retiree email .