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Forward GroupWise Email

You can forward your GroupWise mail to a preferred account.

create new rule window

  1. Click Tools > Rules, then click New.
  2. Type a name in the Rule name field, such as Forward Rule.
  3. Click the When event is pop-up list, then click New Item.
  4. Next to And items are, select Received. Make sure no other item source is selected.
  5. Select Mail under Item types.
  6. Click Add Action, then select Forward.
  7. Type the address that you want the items forwarded to in the To field.
  8. Type a subject you want to use for forwarded items, for example Fwd:
  9. (Optional) Type a name of a filter to use for forwarded items.
  10. (Optional) Type a message for all forwarded items.
  11. Click OK.
  12. Click Save, verify that the rule has a check mark next to it indicating that it is enabled, then click Close.