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Update your GroupWise Address Books

Change the order of address books in the Name Completion Search Order

You are composing a GroupWise e-mail message and start to type in your contact's name. This contact name used to auto-fill but now it doesn't, even though you know this entry exists in the system address book or one of your personal address books.

  1. Open your Address Book
  2. Click File from the Menu Toolbar
  3. Select Name Completion Search Order
  4. Under Selected Books, move the GroupWise Address Book to the first position (unless you  mainly send e-mail to non-GroupWise users)
  5. Move your second choice for personal, shared or departmental address book to the second position.(if it is not listed within the list of selected books - move it to this list from the available books in the left pane)
  6. Repeat until all necessary books are listed in the right pane in the order you would like them searched when addressing mail
  7. Click OK

Change the order of the name display

Put last name first because searches will be faster in most cases. The last name will produce a list of all people with this last name.

  1. Open the GroupWise Client
  2. Click Tools
  3. Select Address Book
  4. Click View
  5. Select Name Format
  6. Click the Radio Button for: Show last name then first name
  7. Select all Address Books displayed in lower window if all are not already highlighted
  8. Click the Apply to selected books button
  9. Click OK