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GroupWise Mailbox Quota Management

If you exceed 100% of your quota you will be unable to send messages. You will get a warning when you are utilizing 90%. 

Avoid disruption of service:

  • Empty your trash: By default, items are emptied from your trash after seven days.  Empty items sooner to free up space.
  • Delete sent items: Items in the Sent Items folder are not deleted automatically.  Delete large messages.
  • Move large attachments to another location: Your department may have a network drive you can use. Once the attachment is saved, delete the message. 
  • Archive mail
    1. Go to Tools > Options > Environment > File Location. Choose where to archive your mail. Your department may have a network drive you can use.
    2. Select an item, then Actions > Move to Archive.

    Archived messages are available only at the location they were archived to.

  • Mailbox Storage Size Information: Click on Mailbox Size: in the lower-right of the GroupWise client or go to Tools > Check Mailbox Storage Size...
    • Messages are sorted from largest to smallest.
    • The item list displays items from all folders.
    • Messages deleted from the Mailbox Storage Size Information window are deleted and emptied from the Trash.  They can not be recovered.