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Setting CanIt to Allow Listserv Mail

Since listserv messages often have properties of mass-generated spam, they might be blocked. 

To ensure delivery, add the listserv host your Permit List in CanIt Pro.

  1. Find the host name
    1. Open a message from the listserv

      Sample e-mail from a listserv

    2. Find the e-mail address of the mailing list. It may be in the To: field and/or the From: field.
    3. Everything after the "@" is the host name. Save this host name. 
  2. Find the IP address
    1. Select the Windows Start button.
    2. Select Run... 
    3. Type cmd in the Open box. 
    4. At the C:\> prompt, type "nslookup [Your listserv host name]" and press Enter.
    5. Save the IP address.

      Using nslookup

Add the IP Address to Your Permit List

  1. Log in to CanIt with your AccountID and password at .
  2. Select Rules.
  3. Select Network
  4. Enter the IP address for the listserv host. Select Always Allow.
  5. Add the listserv name in the Comment field so this rule is easy to identify in the future. Select Add Rule.
  6. Log Out.