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List Moderators

List moderators are assigned by the list administrator. The list moderator password is also set and maintained by the list administrator. If you forget your moderator password, contact the list administrator.

Please note: you need to separately subscribe as a list member to receive all posts to the list.  

Notifications are usually sent to list administrators and moderators when an item is pending approval.  This message will contain a link to the list's pending transaction database. You can also log in at where "listname" is the name of your list.

Transactions that require moderator approval commonly include:

  • Approve / Reject a message for posting to all list members by a moderated member.
  • Approve / Reject a membership subscription to a private list.
  • Approve / Reject the posting of messages filtered by administrative controls.

The moderator should select an action and then submit the changes from the web interface. The pending transactions will be processed and notifications sent depending on the options selected.