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Request a Retiree Outlook Account

Every employee who is classified as being retired from the University gets an Outlook retiree mailbox. It is free for 1 year after retirement date. After that, the annual renewal of the Outlook retiree mailbox requires membership in the NIU Annuitants Association.

A request can be made once your paperwork has been processed with the University. This request can be as early as two months before your retirement date.

  1. Go to > Email
  2. Select Retiree Email Account and then Continue
  3. All information is required unless marked Optional. Click "Next."
  4. Review your request, then click "Submit."
  5. You can print a copy for your records.
  6. An information packet will be sent to your home address. 

In the NIU Address Book your "Department" will be Retiree.

Your Retiree Mailbox

Your retiree mailbox will be available for one year after your retirement date. If you join the NIU Annuitants Association during that period, your retiree mailbox will be available until you are no longer a member of the Annuitant’s Association. Thereafter, your mailbox may be deleted at any time without notice.

Your Work Mailbox Will be Deleted

Your work mailbox will be available for 180 days after retirement. At that point, the mailbox is disabled. 30 days thereafter the mailbox is deleted.