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CanIt-Pro Spam Mitigation

CanIt-Pro uses many sophisticated rules and mechanisms to detect spam.  

All scanning is done by the CanIt-Pro software. There is no human intervention. 

Spam scanning is not 100% effective.  Some unwanted spam messages may be delivered to you, and some legitimate messages may be identified as spam and rejected.  If you consistently receive spam from a specific source, set up a personal block list.  Likewise, if you have a specific sender or domain that you want to ensure will never be blocked, set up a personal permit list.  You can also use the advanced controls with Spam Trap.

For more information on the different spam scanning options, see CanIt-Pro Spam Scanning Options.

Participating Email Servers

Currently all messages sent to Outlook mailboxes are scanned for viruses and spam.  Departmental email servers do not currently participate in enterprise spam scanning. Check with your department for options on their servers.