10 Mb to 100 Mb upgrade schedule - NIU - Division of Information Technology



NIU Network

10 Mb to 100 Mb upgrade schedule


Buildings in Phase 1 already had infrastructure (hardware/wiring) capable of 100 Mb connectivity.


Buildings in Phase 2 required minor infrastructure upgrade.


Buildings in Phase 3 required moderate infrastructure upgrades.

Phase 4

Buildings in Phase 4 require significant infrastructure upgrades.

Building100 Mb Connectivity
Broadcast Center  completed
Center for Black Studies completed
Center for Diversity Resources completed
Dorland Building completed
Faraday Hall completed
Gabel Hall completed
Graham Hall completed
Grant Towers South  completed
Grounds completed
Jacobs House  completed
LaTourette Hall (formerly Faraday West) completed
Lorado Taft Campus  completed
National Bank & Trust  completed
Stevenson Towers North  completed
Stevenson Towers South  completed
Swen Parson March 2015
Swen Parson - Law School  completed
Telephone & Security Building  April 2015

Phase 5

Buildings in Phase 5 are under assessment.

Building100 Mb Connectivity
Campus Life  August 2015
Founders Memorial Library  August 2015
Health Service Center  August 2015
Hoffman Estates Center  August 2015
Holmes Student Center  August 2015
Huskie Stadium  completed
Lowden Hall  August 2015
Monat Building (formerly Social Science Research Institute)  August 2015
Psychology/Computer Science August 2015
University City August 2015