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Installing the NIU Security Certificate for Opera

The NIU Security Certificate will prevent warning messages when opening NIU web-based applications requiring authentication.

Since browsers do not share data, install the certificate on each browser. For example, a certificate installed on Internet Explorer will not work for Opera and vice-versa. Note that your screens may be drawn differently or contain other information, depending on your operating system and the certificate being installed.

To install the NIU Security Certificate for Opera:

  1. Download the NIU Security Certificate: NIUCA2
  2. The Install Authority certificate window will open.
  3. On the Install Authority certificate window, select "Install."
    Install authority certificate - select Install
  4. For the "Are you sure you want to trust this issuer?" confirmation box, select "OK"
    Install authority certificate - trust this issuer by clicking OK
  5. The Security Certificate is now installed.
  6. If necessary, return to step #1 and install any certificates that have not yet been installed.
  7. Once both certificates are installed, they must be set to not display warnings. From the Opera menu, select"Files" and "Preferences..."
  8. In the Preferences window, select the category (on the left) of "Security." In the section on the right, select "Manage certificates..."
    Preferences - select Security, the last item on the left, then Manage certificates on the right
  9. In the Certificate manager window, select the "Authorities" tab and scroll down to the entries labeled "Organizational CA."
    Certificate manager - choose Authorities tab
  10. Select the "Organizational CA" and then select "View."
  11. In the Certificate window, uncheck the box for "Show dialog box before using this certificate" and select "OK."
    Certificate - check both boxes
  12. If required, perform steps #10 and #11 for the second "Organizational CA" entry in the Certificate manager window.
  13. Select "OK" to close the Certificate manager window.
  14. Select "OK" to close the Preferences window.
  15. Your security certificate is now installed.