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Lab and Smart Classroom Software Installation

IT Software Installation Form

IT Academic Computing Operations and Support installs course and discipline-specific software in IT managed computer labs and smart classrooms.

For all other software, including apps to be included in Anywhere Apps, the following must be submitted to room 137 in the library for license verification and installation scheduling:

  • Original copies of the software (Network installation friendly or Lab Pack versions are recommended for Lab installations)
    • Beta versions of software will not be accepted for installation
    • Trial versions of software will not be accepted for installation
  • Number of seats/copies requested
  • Proof of purchase and/or licensing information for the requested number of installed seats/copies
    • The requesting department is responsible for purchasing software (obtaining license)
    • "Free" software still requires verification (see company site or media to obtain this information)
  • All installation documentation
  • Special installation instructions (if none, a default installation will be performed)
    • If incomplete installation instructions require re-installation or extensive modifications to a default installation, installation charges of $40.00 per hour may be incurred.
  • Location of software installation e.g. Server, Workstation, Room, etc. If this is an app for Anywhere Apps, put Citrix here for the location.
  • Software availability start and end date if before the start of the next academic year
  • Designated departmental testing and approval agent
  • Completed IT Software Installation Form (one software application per request is necessary)

A lead-time of 60 working-days before the beginning date of the semester of requested software availability is required. Installations times can vary due to factors such as software size, complexity, and volume of installations. While every effort will be made to ensure timely and dependable installations they cannot be completed if the requested software adversely affects current production software.

Software Installation Rates

No charge if ALL documentation and software is received before the 60 working-day semester deadline. See Lab and Smart Classroom Software Installation rates for installations after the semester deadline.

We cannot guarantee timely installation for software received with less than 30 working-days lead-time. It will be made available for the following semester unless otherwise instructed.

Once licensure has been verified, the software will be scheduled for installation and a tentative installation time-line consisting of application development, integration and functional testing, departmental verification and final release into production will be developed. Major changes to the initial requested installation will affect the tentative time-line. Change requests must be in writing. Software will be scheduled for installation on a "First Come,  First Installed" basis.

The final release into production will require the agreement by signature by the designated departmental approval agent. After departmental approval the software will be made available in production. ITS Documentation Services will retain a copy of the original media and the original media will be sent back to the requester.

The project will then be closed, and further support issues will be supported by the IT Helpdesk.