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Single Line Telephone Features

Single line phones have an adjustable display, a visual message waiting indicator, handsfree & mute capability, a hold, redial and release/goodbye key, programmable memory keys and a variety of telephone features like Callers & Directory list. 

To change an option

  • Leave handset on hook
  • Press the Options key
  • Move through the list of options by pressing the up or down arrow key or press the desired option number on the dial pad
  • To make a change, follow the instructions on the display

Options List

  • Language - you have a choice of two languages.
  • Time/Date - you must reset it after a power failure, for Daylight Savings time, and for leap years.
  • Ring Tone - the ring tone can be changed as well as the volume setting.
  • Call Timer - the length of each call made or received can be displayed.
  • Dial Pad - program for regular or predialed mode.
  • Clear Message Waiting - turn off the message waiting display.
  • Caller List - choose between recording all incoming calls or only unanswered calls.