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CallPilot Faxing - Windows 7

Faxes can be received and sent with CallPilot.

Sending Faxes

  • Go to the document on your desktop that you want to fax, for example, a Word document.
  • Select File, Print.
  • In the Printer Name dropdown window, select CallPilot Fax and click Print.

    Choose Nortel Fax for printer name
  • Under the "Send options" section, click drop-down arrow, select CallPilot Desktop Messaging. Click Send.
    Note: It may take several seconds for CallPilot Player to open.

  • CallPilot Player appears, and your document is in the large window.

  • Type the destination fax number in the To: line in this format:
    fax=dialable fax
    For example,

The Fully Qualified Domain Name, will always remain the same.

Receiving Faxes

You can also receive faxes in your CallPilot folder in Outlook.  This can be done whether or not you have a unique fax number.  If you have an assigned CallPilot fax number, callers simply fax to that number and it appears in your CallPilot folder in Outlook.

If you do not have an assigned fax number, but your client profile includes faxing capabilities, callers can send faxes to your desktop using the Express Fax Messaging number.  Use this format on the fax machine:

  • Dial 753-1889.
  • Press the pause key.
  • Enter the 7-digit CallPilot mailbox number, then press #.
  • Press Send.
  • For example, 7531889 pause 7535803#Send.