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Voice Services

Voicemail - CallPilot

Basic voicemail is free for NIU employees with telephone service.

Manage messaging and faxes from the web and your desktop for one fee. See Voicemail Rates.

Changes to the CallPilot mailbox, such as Remote Notification (outcalling to phones or pagers) and Distribution Lists can be done easily through MyCallPilot.


Web access - mycallpilot.niu.edu.

Desktop client: Get voicemail in your Outlook mailbox.

If you have questions or want to subscribe to this service, call 815-753-8100.


Helpful Hints and Tips

  • The * (star) key is a help key.  Although prompts are available at each step, you can get more information about what you can do by pressing the *.  The system will list available options.
  • Often, after you are familiar with the system, you know which key(s) to press without listening to the prompts.  You do not have to listen to the entire prompt.  Simply press the correct key to interrupt the prompt, and continue.
  • To stop, cancel, or exit, press the # key.  In the main menu, the # key will stop or exit from the mailbox.  If you press the # key while reviewing messages, or changing your greeting or password, you will cancel what you are doing or exit to the main menu.
  • You will be notified that you have messages in your mailbox by a Stutter Dial Tone or Message Waiting Light on your office phone.  When you are out of the office, you may want to check your mailbox once a day.  Select a time each day to check your messages, so you will not miss any important calls!