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Voice Services


Play messages

You will be notified that you have new messages by a stutter dial tone or a message waiting light.

  1. Call 815-753-7300 and log in.
  2. You will hear a mailbox summary.
    • Messages are played in chronological order, preceded by "envelope" or announcement information.
    • Envelope information includes the date, time and caller's name and number (if they are on the same system).
    • New messages are played before old messages.
  • Press 2 to skip envelope information or 72 to hear the envelope information only.
  • Press 21 to go slower or 23 to go faster. 
  • Press 24 for softer, 26 for louder.

Delete Messages

  • To delete a message, press 76 during the announcement, during the message or at the end of the message.
  • Restore a deleted message by pressing 76 again before you hang up.

To move around in your mailbox:

1 skip backward 5 seconds
3 skip forward 5 seconds
# to pause, 2 to continue 
6 next message
4 previous message
86 then message number then # to go to a specific message.