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Voice Services

Send a Message Directly to a Mailbox

Use your CallPilot Mailbox to send a message directly to other CallPilot Mailbox users.

  1. Call 815-753-7300 and log in.
  2. Press 75.
  3. Enter the mailbox number of the person to whom you wish to send the message or the distribution list number
    1. Press #.
    2. Press # again if no other users are to get this message.
  4. You can also send the message using name addressing instead of number addressing.
    1. When prompted for the mailbox number, press *
    2. Then use the keys on the phone to spell the last name (for Q, press 7 and Z, press 9).
    3. Press 5 to record the message, then press # to end recording.
    4. Press 79 to send the message.