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Set up your CallPilot voicemail

Please note:  After you set up your voicemail, you must call the Helpdesk at 815-753-8100.

Before you log in to set up your CallPilot voicemail:

  • Know your NIU phone number.
  • Know your CallPilot Mailbox number. Usually the mailbox number is your NIU phone number (753-####).
  • Know your temporary CallPilot Mailbox password. Your temporary password is the same as your mailbox number, preceded by "44".
  • Select a personal password (between 6 and 15 digits long).
  • Prepare a script for your personal greeting.

Log in to your CallPilot Mailbox to change your password and set up your greetings.

  1. Dial CallPilot voicemail - 815-753-7300
  2. When you hear the prompt, "Mailbox" press #. If accessing your CallPilot Mailbox from another phone, enter your 7-digit mailbox number, then press #
  3. Enter your temporary password and press #.
  4. To change your password, press 84.
  5. Enter your new personal password followed by #.
  6. Confirm your new personal password followed by #.
  7. Enter your old password again, followed by #. The CallPilot Mailbox system will confirm your password has been changed.

Set up your Personal Verification (mailbox identifier)

  1. Press 829. You will hear, "There is no name for personal verification of Mailbox number____."
  2. Press 5 to record or re-record your Personal Verification, then press #. Personal Verification may be your name, your department, or whatever identifier is associated with the phone number. The system will play back the name verification. Personal verification is used in greetings, outgoing messages and in name dialing, so please don't forget to do this!

Record your greeting

CallPilot provides you with two greetings. Callers outside the NIU telephone community hear the external greeting and callers within the NIU telephone community hear the internal greeting. If you want one greeting for ALL callers, use the external greeting.

  1. Press 82
  2. Press 1 to record your external greeting or 2 to record your internal greeting
  3. Press 5 to get the tone which is your prompt to begin recording
  4. Press # to end recording. Press 2 to replay, or press 5 to re-record
  5. To exit, press 4.
  6. To log off, press 83.

Don't forget! Call 815-753-8100

Call 815-753-8100 to confirm that you have set up your CallPilot mailbox.