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Monday, 12/13/2010

Northern Illinois University Electronic Mail Policy Update


TO:                 NIU Faculty and Staff

FROM:           Steve Cunningham, Vice President

                     Human Resources and Compliance

                     Jim Fatz

                     Director, Information Security and Operations 

DATE:            December 13, 2010

RE:                 Northern Illinois University Electronic Mail Policy Update 

Two primary updates have been made to the University Electronic Mail (Email) policy. The first is a formalization of existing practices concerning the use of GroupWise as the official university email communication mechanism. All official university correspondence, including but not limited to messages from the President, policy information, employment and benefit notifications, is electronically distributed through the GroupWise system. Employees whose departments utilize other email systems are responsible for checking their GroupWise account or forwarding such messages to their alternative e-mail system for official university correspondence (see the Forward GroupWise Email Instructions). Employees, who choose to forward NIU email content to third-party email providers, have the responsibility to ensure that appropriate security is maintained whenever such content is classified as "restricted” or "sensitive” information (see the NIU Information Security Policy for definitions and requirements).  

The second update pertains to the use of an employee’s individual employment title or GroupWise signature in private communications. This may result in the public potentially being misled by any individual's unauthorized use of an NIU employment title representing their status or position in private communications. This policy will clarify that use of an employee’s title or GroupWise signature in private communications utilizing the GroupWise system is not an acceptable use of the email system.

To view a full copy of the policy, see NIU Email Policy. For questions, please contact Celeste Latham at 753-6525.