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Custom Solutions

Our Process

We strive to build reliable, cost-effective systems to enhance your work quality and efficiency. To help ensure these objectives and that each project is completed within the agreed-upon time and cost estimates, we follow a similar process for each development project. We can customize this process depending upon your specific project and needs.

Project Analysis and Estimate

An initial project meeting is used to gather the requirements for your project.  Many questions will be asked in order to give us details about the scope of your project.  Estimates, costs, and a project timeline will then be given to you for your approval.  

Web-based Applications Development

We will then design a solution approach and architect a software framework for the solution.  A custom web application will then be built to your specifications including programming, testing and implementation of the application.

Project Management

We make sure your project is completed on time and on budget. To do so, we closely manage the development team to ensure the tasks required are efficiently completed. As the project matures and We will communicate with you the various phases of the project including the project planning, scheduling, and budget management.


We can provide maintenance agreements to update your applications or web sites.