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Departmental Cell Phone Rates

Basic Cellphone

Calling PlanRate
Flat rate $18.00/month
plus $0.18/min, $0.25/text
Voice minutes plus 100 texts
-  400 min
-  600 min
- 1000 min



Calling PlanRate
Voice minutes plus unlimited texts and data (Internet access)
-  400 min
-  600 min
- 1000 min


Additional Services

Hot Spot (tethering) $10.00/month
GroupWise mail and calendar - Mobility Connector Free
MiFi $49.99/month
Push to Talk  $5.00/month
Outside the US
- Voice minutes plus 100MB data

Replace a phone Based on reason for replacement
Voicemail Free

Cellular Service Request 

Questions: 815-753-0963