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Telephone Equipment and Line Rates (Administrative/Departmental)

For installation: > Work Order

DescriptionInstallation / Setup ChargesRate/Month
Standard Telephone Line *$40/hour
**Rush order - $80/hour
Single Line Wall Phone *$40/hour
**Rush order - $80/hour
Single Line Desk Phone *$40/hour
**Rush order - $80/hour
Single Line Phone with Speakerphone *$40/hour
**Rush order - $80/hour
Multi-Line Phone *$40/hour
**Rush order - $80/hour
Multi-Line Phone with Speakerphone *$40/hour
**Rush order - $80/hour
Add-on Module (22 Button) *$40/hour
**Rush order - $80/hour

* Minimum charge is $40 for services not covered by a Service Level Agreement.
This charge may also apply to assistance with a customer problem.

** Rush order: order submitted less than 10 business days prior to requested date of service