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Hosted Virtual Servers

Virtual Server Hosting is an IT service that enables customers to choose a server online and get it within a week. Select from a variety of standard configurations, create a virtual server with CPU/RAM/Hard Drive specifications, or create a test/development virtual server to help with application upgrades. 

Virtual server configurations and rates

Virtual servers can easily be adjusted for anticipated increases in use such as registration, grades, or a new website going live. You pay for them for just as long as you require, from one month to years. IT maintains the hosting environment. You don't have to worry about replacing failed hardware or upgrading an outdated server.

Faster Availability at a Lower Cost

Virtual Servers can be created in fraction of the time it would take to quote, purchase, and install a physical server. Not only do Virtual Servers have faster availability than physical servers, they are also less expensive initially, and overall. 

Competitive Pricing

A common misconception is that popular cloud hosting services are cheaper than IT Virtual Servers. Popular cloud hosting services like Amazon and Microsoft do not include support or backups in their advertised monthly fees. In some cases, like Amazon EC2, backups are not even available.


IT support includes:

  • operating system support (Windows/Linux)
    • license fees
    • upgrades
    • security patches
  • nightly backups 
  • restores back one month
  • hardware maintenance and monitoring
  • network connection fees
  • virus protection

Performance and Failover

IT Virtual Servers run on the latest HP ProLiant Gen8 Servers with high-speed low latency interconnections to enterprise grade storage and the network.  Virtual Servers can get bandwidth speeds up to 1Gbs.

Your Virtual Server will move to any of many working hosts if a hardware failure occurs.


IT Virtual Servers are backed up nightly. If you are planning an upgrade, you can request a snapshot of your server so you can easily roll back to the pre-upgrade state if necessary.

Monitoring and Reporting

All IT Virtual Servers are monitored 24/7/365 by our Network Operations Center. Alerts and optional reports are sent to your email address.


Base VM Environment

$50/month for:

  • 1 vCPU
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 50 GB SAN attached storage

One-time setup fee - $150

Development Servers

Production servers should have development environments. Pair your production Virtual Server with a development server of similar configuration for $30/month.

Uplift Rates

vCPU - $20/month/vCPU

RAM - $5/month/GB

SAN attached storage - $5/month/25 GB increment


$50 per hour