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Core FTP Lite

Core FTP Lite is a free FTP client for educational use. 

  1. Download the latest version of Core FTP Lite to your Desktop.
  2. Exit all applications including your web browser.
  3. Open the Core FTP Lite installation file on your Desktop by double-clicking it. 
  • Site Name: NIU
  • Host/IP/URL:
  • Username: your username with the full context, starting with a period.
    For example, .z123456.6.students.niu.
    Please note that the full context repeats the last number before .students.niu.
    Password: your NIU password
  • Port: 21
  • Timeout: 60
  • Retries: 2
  • PASV: check; do not check SSH/SFTP or Use Proxy
  • Under SSL Options: check AUTH TLS, SSL Listings and SSL Transfers
  • OpenSSL: check; do not check Windows SSL

Site Manager window

Click the Connect button. Accept the security certificate.

Certificate Information. Accept the security certificate.

The main window for Core FTP Lite should open with your connection:

the left side shows files on your computer and the right side shows the network drives available to you

On the left are files on your computer and on the right are the network drive(s) available to you. Help is at the top of the screen at the button with a question mark on it. It has instructions for uploading, downloading and more.