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Novell Messenger Help

Depending on your department's policies, you may not be able to install the software. Contact your departmental LAN administrator.

Requirements for using/installing Novell Messenger Client:

  • Network AccountID & password (for login)
  • server address: & Server Port: 8300
  • administrator rights to install client
  • NIU IP address
    To download client for home use,  first get a secure connection to the NIU network at
  • Location of client:
  • You *do not* need to have the GroupWise e-mail client installed to use Novell Messenger client.

How do I build a contact list in Novell Messenger Client?

  1. From the main window add a folder for each group such as a department, a project, etc.
  2. Click Actions > Add Folder > Give the folder a name
  3. Click on the folder where you want to add a name
  4. Click Actions > Add Contact to display the find contact dialog box.
  5. Two ways to search: Name or User ID.
  6. Select the contact from the Search Results box, then click the Add button (You can also double click on the contact to add them in one step).
  7. The new contact is now in the specified folder

If you want a contact to be in a different folder, select the contact and drag it to the new folder.

Note: Some users have specified a preferred name that is different from their given name, so the name in the Contact List may not be the same as the name you searched for. Right-click on the name in your contact list and select Rename from the menu.

How do I block others from contacting me via Novell Messenger Client?

Before blocking others, you should first build your contacts list and then either block contacts individually, or use the everyone else feature.

  1. Click on Tools
  2. Select Options
  3. Select Privacy from the left-hand panel
  4. Select "Everyone Else" in your allowed window at left
  5. Click the Block > button
  6. Click Apply
  7. Click OK

To quickly build your allow list, click the Add button to bring up a list of your current contacts already added to your main contacts view window. Once the Privacy Add dialog box appears, select the first contact while holding down the shift key on your keyboard, then use the down arrow to select all other contacts on this list. After all contacts are selected, click the OK button to add these contacts to your separate allow list.

What do users on my block list see in their Contacts window?

Your user icon will appear the same as any other user, unless you initiate contact.

If you initiate contact with a user that you previously placed on your block list, your status will appear as "unknown" in their contact list from that point forward, unless you remove them from your block list.>

How does a broadcast message work in Novell Messenger Client?

You can send a broadcast message with Novell Messenger Client by clicking on Actions > Send Broadcast... Choose contacts from your approved contacts list, or use the find user button to browse for someone not on your contacts list already.

A broadcast message is a one-way instant message. You can send to others, but they can't respond back without opening a new separate instant message.

Why can't I join or create a chat room within Novell Messenger Client?

At this time, the chat room feature within Novell Messenger Client is disabled.