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Installing the Novell Client

Warning: For the Novell client to function properly, apply all updates from the Microsoft Update Site.  This includes Critical, Windows, & Driver updates.  Failure to do so may result in your system becoming unstable. 

Log in to the computer as a local Administrator.

  1. On the Novell page, select Contextless Login Client for Windows.
  2. Select Run/Open/Save.
  3. Select Run/OK to start the installation. Your machine will prompt for a re-boot after the install.
  4. If this is a new install, the first time you log in, select the advanced button, then select the NDS tab, select the down arrow for the Tree window and select NIU. 
  5. You must now install the ZFD Agent if you want to use any Zen Features.
  6. After the client installs and the computer reboots, log back into the machine as Administrator.
  7. To install the ZFD Agent, return to the Novell page.   
  8. If no Zen features are needed, the computer is now ready for your users.