Blackboard Collaborate Two-Way Classroom Streaming Quick Guide

Before following these instructions, you should:

  • Provide access to Blackboard Collaborate in your Blackboard Course
  • Communicate to students that they should join the Blackboard Collaborate session at the time of your class meeting

These instructions describe the steps for configuring and conducting a synchronous (two-way) streaming session using Blackboard Collaborate.

  1. Arrive early to the classroom, be sure the classroom PC is on and logged in.
  2. Launch Google Chrome using the desktop icon and login to Blackboard.
  3. Click Courses and open your course Blackboard.
  4. Click the Join Room link in the Blackboard Collaborate tool area.
  5. Configure your Room. Click the purple tab in the lower right, click the settings gear icon, then Setup your camera and microphone (for the camera, choose the projected content input or the camera input).
  6. If necessary, click the microphone and camera buttons. Check with your remote participants for verification that they can see your selected input and hear your microphone.
  7. To turn on the recording, click the three-line button in the top left of corner of the window and choose Start Recording.
  8. Conduct your session, reconfigure inputs as needed during the session. See Teaching with Blackboard Collaborate for strategies for managing your in-person and remote audiences
  9. When you are finished, click the three-line button in the top left of corner of the window and choose Stop Recording.
  10. At the completion of the class, logout of the PC.
  11. From the Recordings area of the Collaborate Tool Panel in Blackboard, either click Copy link and share that link with students, or download and upload to Kaltura to take advantage of captioning and video editing features.


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