Microsoft Teams Two-Way Classroom Streaming Quick Guide

Before following these instructions, you should:

  • Create a Teams link in Blackboard or distribute to a Teams meeting link to students by email
  • Communicate to students that they should join the Teams link at the time of your class meeting

These instructions describe the steps for configuring and conducting a synchronous (two-way) streaming session with Microsoft Teams.

  1. Arrive early to the classroom, be sure the classroom PC is on and logged in.
  2. Launch Microsoft Teams and login with your NIU user ID and password
  3. If you have used the Teams-Blackboard integration to create a meeting link, login to Blackboard and click your link.
  4. Click the sliders to turn the camera and microphone on, choose Custom Setup to configure the camera input (choose the projected content input or the camera input).
  5. Click Join now to enter the room.
  6. To turn on the recording, move your mouse over the primary input to reveal the banner menu bar, choose the three-dot button and click Start recording.
  7. Conduct your session, reconfigure inputs as needed during the session. See Teaching with Microsoft Teams for strategies for managing your in-person and remote audiences.
  8. When you are finished, hover and selected the three-dot menu and choose Stop recording and end your Teams meeting. This recording will be processed and saved to your account in Microsoft Stream.
  9. At the completion of the class, logout of the PC. Do not power down the PC.


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