Zoom Two-Way Classroom Streaming Quick Guide

Before following these instructions, you should:

  • Login to Zoom at https://niu-edu.zoom.us using your NIU Account ID (example: A123456@mail.niu.edu) and password to login where prompted, just like you would to login to Blackboard or Microsoft O365.
  • Create a Zoom session and provided the Zoom link and password to students.
  • Communicate to students that they should join the Zoom session at the time of your class meeting

These instructions describe the steps for configuring and conducting a synchronous (two-way) streaming session with Zoom.

  1. Arrive early to the classroom, be sure the classroom PC is on and logged in.
  2. Launch Zoom using the desktop icon to launch the application, and login using your Zoom credentials.
  3. Click the Meetings at the top of the Zoom application.
  4. Select your meeting and click Start to launch your Zoom meeting.
  5. Configure your Room. Click the Start Video button in the bottom button bar in the Zoom meeting interface, choose an input (for the camera, choose the projected content input or the camera input).
  6. You may also configure a second video input (e.g. the projected content input, if configured) by clicking the Share Screen button, choosing the Advanced tab, and clicking Content from 2nd Camera.
  7. Use the chat feature to check with your remote participants for verification that they can see your selected input(s) and hear your microphone.
  8. To turn on recording, click the Record button in the bottom button bar of the Zoom application. Note: Zoom stores recordings locally. If you choose to record your Zoom meeting, you will need to save the recording to a flash drive or upload the recording to Kaltura before leaving the classroom. While Record to the Cloud may be an option, stability and available space may cause your recording to fail.
  9. Conduct your session, reconfigure inputs as needed during the session.
  10. When you are finished, click Stop Recording and click the End button to end the meeting.
  11. If you recorded the session, the recording folder should open automatically. If it does not, click the Meetings button, then the Recorded tab, then Open to open the local folder containing the recording. Upload the .mp4 file to Kaltura before leaving the room or save the .mp4 file to your Flash drive to upload later.
  12. At the completion of the class, logout of the PC. Do not power off the PC.


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