Desktop and Device Support

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NIU's Division of Information Technology (DoIT) provides secure, managed and monitored desktop and device support services for departments, classrooms, conference rooms, and technology centers and labs. This support includes:

  • Desktop and laptop support for Windows and MacOS as negotiated and described in a Service Level Agreement; 
  • Media equipment installation and support for a full range of classroom, conference room and lab requirements;
  • Remote management and troubleshooting for Windows and Macintosh desktops and laptops using Microsoft SCCM and Parallels; and a
  • Virtual desktop solution (AnywhereApps) using Citrix to allow faculty, staff and students access to a large variety of Windows applications.

Technology Labs

The Division manages general access labs across campus that are equipped with a standard image of software applications and most include accessibility software for visually-impaired students. As more and more NIU students own laptops and mobile devices, DoIT is renovating older lab spaces, removing aging workstations and replacing them with charging devices, monitors for collaborative display and study, and more comfortable furniture.

Classrooms and Conference Rooms

The Division supports more than 400 classrooms, conference rooms and ballrooms in more than 70 buildings. DoIT also provides consulting services for room design and media equipment purchases. Instructor workstations in DoIT-supported classrooms are equipped with a standard image of software applications. Several classrooms also function as classroom labs that have both instructor and student workstations.


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