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The NIU Board of Trustees approved a plan at its special meeting on August 26, 2021, to contract with RR Donnelley (RRD) for the University's printing needs. The decision to contract with Donnelley is in line with the University's recent history of seeking out successful partnerships with industry leaders to provide services that are not directly related to the University's core mission of educating students.

The contract with RR Donnelley is in place. The print shop operation of DoIT’s Integrated Media Technologies will close its doors on January 14, 2022. The final date for campus to place orders will be January 8, 2022. Following that, NIU staff will coordinate their printing projects directly with RRD.

Since the announcement of the transition of printing to an outside vendor, DoIT has been working closely with RRD to identify the overall scope of work and determine print production requirements. We are actively working with RRD as they stand up their Storefront for NIU use.

We know there will be a period of adjustment as we make this transition. To help NIU departments plan for the coming changes, we have created the following frequently asked questions:

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What is the general turn-time for orders?

The type of print project you require will determine the print production time. You can contact RRD for those specifics. In determining when to submit your project to RRD, remember to include the on-campus delivery time from Materials Management once the completed job is delivered to campus.


How do I place my order?

RRD will have a Storefront where you can choose from pre-built products or use an order form to provide details on your printing and mailing projects.

How will I know the status of job?

When logged in to the RRD Storefront, you will be able to review your order history. As part of that process, you will see the current status of your order(s).


Can I get a hard copy proof?

As a default, RRD offers a digital proof you can view and approve during the orderingprocess. They will be able to produce a hard copy proof if that is something you require. You can check with RRD regarding the cost and delivery options for hard copy

How do I get a job reprinted?
All users will be able to view their order history in the RRD Storefront. You will be able to select your previous order and request a reorder.
How will I know what paper to use on my project?

The RRD Storefront products are setup with paper choices similar to those you have become accustomed to on the NIU Storefront. You may also contact RRD to request recommendations for paper, finishing, and other production considerations.

Can I still get my paper cut by RRD?
No. If you have documents that you have printed on an AnywherePrinter, or paper you have purchased, RRD will not be able to cut that. If you need documents cut, you should use RRD to print and cut your project.
Can I get bindery only services?
No. RRD is not offering to finish or bind pre-printed documents. If you have projects that require folding, stapling, etc., you should use RRD to print and finish your project.


How will I get my project mailed?

RRD will be printing and mailing NIU projects. You will be able to upload your mailing list(s) associated with your project on the RRD Storefront. They will process your mailings in the same manner as DoIT’s IMT has been doing.

How will postage get processed?
RRD will assume the mailing process that DoIT’s IMT department performed in the past.  NIU will be pre-funding postage in care of RRD. After each mailing project is completed, the postage used for your order will be added to the  monthly summary report. Charge-back to your department via a journal entry will happen once a month.
How will I know if I have bad addresses?
Upon request, RRD can provide a report indicating any undeliverable addresses caught prior to production. Returned mail will continue to come to NIU’s Central Receiving.

Pricing and Billing

How will I know what my project will cost?

RRD will have two methods for sharing the price of your project. 1) When you select your product in the Storefront and choose the options you desire, you will be presented with the price. 2) When you provide the specifications for your print project, RRD will provide a quote for your approval prior to production.

How will the department be billed?
The billing is expected to be managed similarly to how the IMT print shop bills today. RRD will provide NIU with a summary of the work completed with a breakdown by job and cost center. This will allow NIU to process a journal entry  for each  job listed on that summary.


How will my job be delivered?

Depending on the type of job, and the quantity, RRD will manage delivery to the NIU campus. All projects will come to NIU’s Central Receiving, and then will be dispatched to the building/room indicated on the shipping label.

Can I still pick up my job?
Yes. When you check out of the RRD Storefront, you will be able to choose customer pickup as the delivery method. Your order will ship to NIU’s Central Receiving, and you will be able to pick up your order at the Dorland building. A 15-minute parking space has been added at Dorland for your convenience.

Custom Products

How do I get a product added to the Storefront?

RRD has a process for requesting new custom products to be added to the RRD Storefront (click here for link). You may also contact RRD at the primary contact number to be directed to the proper RRD department.

How do I get updates to my Storefront products?
RRD also has a process for requesting updates to your custom products already on the RRD Storefront (click here for link). You may also contact RRD at the primary contact number to be directed to the proper RRD department.


Will training on the use of RRD’s Storefront be available?

RRD will be offering virtual training opportunities once the RRD Storefront launches. We will be sure the campus is notified when those sessions are available. In addition, RRD will prepare a Storefront user’s guide. This will be available once you login to the RRD Storefront. It will also be added to this page when available.

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