Security Certificate Request

Please note: This form requests installation of the NIU security certificate on servers.(To install the NIU security certificate on a computer or device, go to NIU Security Certificate.)

All Digicert certificates MUST be 2048 bit. You may have to upgrade your server to allow for this.

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

* Name: Email:

Department: * Phone:

* Certificate Name: The certificate name should be a combination of the description and the server on which it is to be installed (i.e. SSLCertificateIP - CSCI)

* Certificate Type: The certificate type should be the name of the party issuing the certificate. (i.e. DigiCert, Novell, Verisign, CyberSource, etc.)

* Certificate Description The certificate description should indicate the way in which the certificate will be used on the server (i.e. LDAP SSL Communications, Website SSL, Code Signing, etc.)

* Certificate Domain Name:

* Type of Server and Software: Type of server and software used to create the CSR or needed for the code signing certificate

* Server: Name of the server on which the security certificate is to be installed

* Primary Contact:

Secondary Contact(s):

* CSR: The CSR (Certificate Signing Request) must be generated by the requestor on the server on which the certificate is to be installed. The contents of this field are dependent on the software requiring the certificate.


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