About Lynda

Lynda.com: go.niu.edu/lynda

NIU has purchased a site license for Lynda.com to grant free-to-user technical certifications and online courses on hundreds of topics like:

  • Business skills
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Web and Interactive Design
  • Programming

and much more.

To learn about how to make the most of your Lynda account view https://www.lynda.com/NA-tutorials/How-use-Lynda-com/77683-2.html?org=niu.edu (1h 21m). Topics in this course include:

  • Finding the latest releases
  • Downloading and using exercise files
  • Searching the video transcripts
  • Choosing the right video player
  • Creating and sharing playlists
  • Taking notes
  • Printing and sharing certificates of completion
  • Updating your member profile

(Note that some topics apply to individual memberships rather than our campus license.)