CyberSecurity Awareness and Training

Annual Training

NIU employees are required to participate in annual security training to be compliant with state and federal regulations as well as University policies. NIU contracts with KnowBe4 to provide online training modules that cover a wide range of security issues and practices - all geared towards helping NIU operate securely.


  • Civil service.
  • Supportive professional staff.
  • Full-time faculty, including full-time instructors.

Not required:

  • Student employees, graduate assistants and teaching assistants.
  • Part-time faculty, including part-time instructors.
  • Employees on leave, including sabbaticals, educational and unpaid.
  • Extra help and temporary employees.
  • Employees on FMLA and disability during the training period.

Training for New Hires

As part of onboarding to NIU, within 3 months of their start date, new CS, SPS, and Faculty will be required to complete online training to learn about safe technology practices at NIU. The training consists of two parts:
  • NIU information security policies: reviews acceptable use policies at NIU. Accessed through Blackboard, this online course will take approximately 1 hour to complete.
  • Cybersecurity awareness: reviews a wide range of security issues and practices - all geared towards helping NIU operate securely. This includes 60-90 minutes of online, on-demand videos with short quizzes.

More Info

Recommended Browsers

For best performance, please use either Chrome or Firefox. If you need assistance, please submit a ticket at > Get Help.

I started working at NIU on or after October 15. I haven’t received my assignment. What should I do?

You will receive an assignment later, along with other new hires. You will not be on the same timeline to finish as employees who were working as of October 14th.

I forwarded the training email to my new employee and my student worker and they can’t sign-in. What should they do?

Employees required to take the training will receive an email from Forwarding the assignment to them will not give them access.

I already completed this training during onboarding. Do I have to take it again?

If you are a newer hire, you may have already taken cybersecurity awareness training. The current training is new, and yes you are required to take it.

Having trouble viewing the modules or taking the quizzes?

Submit a ticket at DoIT's Self-Service Portal: