SANS CyberSecurity Awareness and Training

Faculty, Support Professional Staff, and Civil Service employees are all required to participate in annual security training to be compliant with state and federal regulations as well as University policies. NIU contracts with the SANS Institute to provide online training modules that cover a wide range of security issues and practices - all geared towards helping NIU operate securely.

  • Nearly 2000 SPS and CS employees completed their training during the summer of 2018. Full-Faculty and new hires in CS & SPS categories will complete training in the Fall, 2018.
  • New Hires: If you were hired after October 1, 2018, you will be assigned training later this year. You will not be able to log in until you receive the assignment email.
  • Students, student employees, adjunct faculty and instructors are not licensed to take the online training course. For free resources, please refer to the CyberSecurity Awareness tips on the Information Security page, the SANS Institute ( the EDUCAUSE CyberSecurity Program (, or Stay Safe Online (
  • Training assignments will be sent your NIU email address from
  • For more information about safe technology use at NIU, please click to the Information Security page.
  • If you're having trouble viewing the modules or taking the quizzes, please review the Known Issues below. If these techniques don't work, please submit a ticket at DoIT's Self-Service Portal:

   20 Required Modules: 60 minutes       8 Optional Modules | 2 Optional Games: 30 minutes   
  • 2018 You Are the Shield
  • 2018 Privacy
  • 2018 Data Security
  • 2018 EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • 2018 PCI DSS
  • 2018 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
  • 2018 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  • 2018 Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)
  • 2018 Personally Identifiable Information
  • 2018 Red Flags Rules
  • 2018 Federal Tax Information
  • 2018 Passwords
  • 2018 Social Engineering
  • 2018 Email and Phishing
  • 2018 Malware
  • 2018 Browsing Safely
  • 2018 Mobile Device
  • 2018 Physical Security
  • 2018 Insider Threat
  • 2018 Conclusion
  • 2018 Social Networks
  • 2018 Targeted Attacks
  • 2018 Working Remotely
  • 2018 Hacked
  • 2018 Data Security Watch Mini Game
  • 2018 Data Security Weak Links Mini Game
  • 2018 Creating a CyberSecure Home
  • 2018 Protecting Your Kids Online

Known Issues

Accessing SANS

Problem: Training log in link in the email from doesn’t seem to work
Try This: Disable pop-up blockers.

Problem: Unable to login to SANS training platform (often see this message “Oops – invalid user…”)
Try This: Go to and add “/preview” (without the quotes) to the end of the URL. It will look like this: If this does not resolve the problem, please submit a ticket at
Try This: Occasionally SANS experiences extremely high traffic flow which results in login errors. This is more likely to be the cause if you have logged in successfully before. Try logging in again after a few hours or the next day. If you continue to have issues logging in, submit a ticket at

Problem: You deleted the assignment email and don’t have the link to the training 
Try This: Open your “Deleted” email folder and find the assignment email. Drag it back to your inbox.

Problem: Unable to login to SANS training platform and you receive an “unhandled exception” error message
Try This: Go to and add “/preview” (without the quotes) to the end of the URL. It will look like this: If this does not resolve the problem, please take a screenshot of the error message, and submit a ticket to with the screenshot file attached. If you need help getting the screenshot, please call 815-753-8100.

Within SANS Training Platform

Problem: Videos won’t load for viewing.
Try This: Clear the browser cache and cookies or try a different browser.

Problem: Videos won’t play and you get a “failed to call 3rd party LMS” message.
Try This: Clear the browser cache and cookies or try a different browser.

Problem: Modules won’t show as “completed.”
Try This: Sometimes even if you have completed a module and passed the quiz, the module won’t indicate that you’ve completed it. If this happens to you, please submit a ticket at