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The university has purchased an educational site license of Zoom and all NIU faculty and students now have access to use Zoom. While Microsoft Teams remains the primary collaboration tool for the university, Zoom is now also available as another alternative synchronous collaboration tool for use in NIU's instructional environment. To learn more about use of Zoom and to get started, please see the available resources and answers to frequently asked questions available below.

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Automatic Captions (Live Transcriptions) in Zoom NEW

Zoom has recently introduced live auto-captioning, also referred to as "live transcription" and it can now be enabled in just a few steps.

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Zoom for Students

NIU has partnered with Zoom to enhance remote learning capabilities. Accounts have been established for all students and can be accessed beginning Jan. 25, 2021.

Getting Started - Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Zoom?

NIU has purchased an educational site license of Zoom and has enabled access for all faculty and students to use for educational purposes. Microsoft Teams remains the primary collaboration tool for the university.

Will Zoom be available for all faculty, staff and students?

No. Our educational site license permits only faculty, instructors, teaching assistants, and students to have access to create meetings. Staff will not have access to create or manage Zoom meetings. Anyone however can attend a Zoom meeting.

Microsoft Teams remains the primary collaboration tool for the university.

I’m a faculty / student and would like to use Zoom. How do I receive access?

All NIU faculty and students already have access! All you need to do is login to Zoom at https://niu-edu.zoom.us using your NIU Account ID (example: A123456@mail.niu.edu or z123456@students.niu.edu) and password to login where prompted, just like you would to login to Blackboard or Microsoft O365. If you previously had a personal Zoom account using your NIU email address, you'll be prompted to change the email address of your personal license to a non-NIU.edu email address.

I logged into Zoom but am unsure whether I am using my personal account or the university's site license. How do I know if I'm logged in using the university's site license?

In order to use Zoom with NIU's educational site license you must login to NIU's Zoom login URL: niu-edu.zoom.us and enter your NIU email address (example: a123456@mail.niu.edu / z123456@students.niu.edu) and your Account ID password, like you use for logging into Blackboard or Microsoft O365. Moving forward, you should always login to Zoom using this NIU Zoom login URL. You can find a "Login to Zoom" button prominently on NIU Zoom support pages if your forget this URL.

How do I login to the Zoom app using my new NIU Zoom faculty / student account?

To login to your NIU Zoom account on the Zoom app, do the following:

  1. On the Zoom app, logout of your personal account.
  2. On the Zoom app, click Sign in
  3. Click Sign In with SSO
  4. In the "Your Company Domain" field, enter https://niu-edu so that the domain listed in the sign in box is https://niu-edu.zoom.us
    https://niu-edu listed in Your Company Domain field
  5. enter your Account ID (ie: a123456@mail.niu.edu or z123456@students.niu.edu) and password when prompted and submit

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