IT Governance

The Chief Information Officer has created a governance framework that yields some decision-making authority to a committee structure to meet the university’s need for a more connected and responsive IT community.

Computing Facilities Advisory Committee

The Computing Facilities Advisory Committee (CFAC) advises the CIO regarding computing and networking policies and campus information technology planning. CFAC strives to improve communication regarding information technologies to faculty most likely to be affected.

HIPAA Steering Committee

The HIPAA Steering Committee has been designated by the President to include representatives from NIU's HIPAA Covered Components and works together to oversee staff training efforts; internal security and privacy assessments; and the completion of ad hoc duties to ensure compliance with this federal and state mandate.

Information Technology Planning Council

The Information Technology Planning Council (ITPC) meets monthly to review, recommend and support the effective and innovative use of information technology across campus. The Council reviews business cases regarding campus IT infrastructure and advises on timelines for the deployment for end user technologies. Its members are IT directors and managers in NIU's colleges, divisions and departments.

Information Technology Steering Committee

The Information Technology Steering Committee (ITSC) seeks a clear mandate and real participation from senior leadership as a best practice approach for aligning the work of IT with the needs of an institution. The ITSC has several sub-committees:

  • Academic Technologies
  • Data Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning & Workflow
  • IT Service/Technology Evolution
  • Research Technologies
  • Security Technologies

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