Cherwell Video Learning Library

DoIT and several partners across NIU are using the Cherwell Management System to improve our IT service management and particularly to actively track and manage IT incident resolution and IT request fulfillment.

DoIT has purchased a site license for the Cherwell Video Learning Library (VLL) – a collection of instructional videos that cover basic to advanced Cherwell features. The VLL is open to all NIU employees.

To request access to Cherwell's VLL and/or information about onboarding your own IT support to Cherwell, please contact the ServiceDesk at

Title Duration Quiz Process Practioners Process Managers Service Managers Technical Support
Building a Basic Search 8m No
Building a Custom Cherwell Service Management Portal 1h, 9m No
Building a Dashboard 8m Yes
Building a mApp 1h, 11m Yes
Building a One-Step to Update a Business Object 6m No
Building a Report with Business and Child Objects 6m No
Charting Incidents by Month 10m No
Cherwell Trusted Agent 7m No
Configuring SAML Integration 25m Yes
Constructing a Starter Matrix Widget 12m No
Creating a Business Process Workflow Blueprint 6m No
Creating a Custom Report in CSM 38m Yes
Creating a Date Range Report with Prompts 18m Yes
Creating a Knowledge Centered Support Culture 1h, 50m Yes


Creating a Report Grouped by Category 11m No
Creating a One-Step for an Incident 10m No
Creating a Stacked Bar Chart 10m No
Creating a Tabbed Service Catalog 20m No
Creating Reports for Summary Analysis: Introducing Intermediate Reporting 1h, 56m No
Designing a Smart Classify Filter 8m No
Designing Effective Portals 53m No
Discovering Service Integration and Management 56m Yes
Enabling Field Level Encryption 33m No
Examining Resolution Times by Technician 1h, 37m No
Explaining ITIL 1h, 34m Yes
Extending Functionality with Mergeable Applications 22m No
Getting to Know Cherwell Service Management 1h, 54m Yes
Graphing Trends in Values Over Time 12m No
Identifying Incidents not Updated within 48 Hours 6m No
Identifying Unassigned Incidents 7m No >
Implementing Knowledge Centered Support 46m Yes
Importing Data in CSM 1h Yes
Introducing Cherwell Mobile Apps 8m No
Introducing Service Management 20m No
Leveraging the E-mail Monitor 18m Yes
Managing Blueprints and Czars 38m Yes
Managing Licensing in CSM 4m No
Modifying Chart Widgets for Dashboards 18m No
Optimizing System Performance 1h No
Overview of Field Encryption 3m No
Relating Incident Workflow 18m No
Scheduling a Report for Last Month’s Data 42m Yes
Scripting Customized Reports with the Script Wizard 46m Yes
Selecting Specifics Screens 43m Yes
System Health Check 6m No
The New Online Help in CSM 8.1 3m No
Using Card View 3m No
Utilizing the Task Pane 7m No
Utilizing the Scheduler 8m No
Utilizing the Online Help 9m No
What’s New in Cherwell Service Management 8.0 4m No
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