Identity and Access Control

Service Owner: Andrew Johnson

NIU’s Division of Information Technology (DoIT) manages the university’s electronic identities and the related accounts, passwords, and permissions required to grant access privileges according to published policies and guidelines. DoIT ensures that all individuals and services are properly authenticated, authorized and audited.

Account Creation

  • Student Account IDs (Z-IDs) are created for every student.  Student email accounts are created when a student is admitted. 
  • Employee Account IDs are created when an employee is formally hired. 
  • Sponsored Account IDs are available for NIU affiliates, vendors, and other members of NIU community who are not actively employed or enrolled. These accounts require an NIU employee sponsor and expire if not actively extended. Sponsors may request accounts for their sponsee at -> Request Services -> Create Sponsored Account

Account Termination


Student Account IDs (Z-IDs) are disabled after a student separates or graduates from NIU.

  • It is recommended that before graduation,  all important emails and documents are saved to non-NIU resources.
  • Alumni who wish to retain a permanent NIU-branded email address may request an forwarding address by contacting the NIU Alumni Association at
Staff who leave without retiring

Staff Employee Account IDs (except Graduate Assistants) are disabled immediately upon separation from NIU and all permissions and authorizations removed. Only access to MyNIU HR is retained for 60 days from separation for access to Paystubs.

Graduate Assistant Account IDs will follow the following life cycle after employment ends:

  • Continued access to Office 365 applications, including email, for 120 days following separation.
  • Access to MyNIU HR self-service for 60 days following separation.
  • Access to MyNIU Student Admin system for 120 days following separation
  • Removal of access and roles to other MyNIU systems immediately after separation.
  • After a period of 120 days, the account will begin the deletion process from Office 365. Office 365 email and OneDrive data will not be accessible beyond that point. If the graduate assistant returns to active status within 120 days of initial separation, they will retain access to their NIU email and data for as long as they are an active employee. The process above restarts if the employment ends again. 
Faculty who leave without retiring

Faculty Employee Account IDs are kept active for 210 days from separation, after which, the account will be disabled.

Faculty and Staff Retirement

Retired Faculty/Staff Employee Account IDs are kept active for 210 days from retirement, after which, the account will be disabled. Retirees who wish to retain a permanent NIU-branded email address may request a Retiree Account from the NIU Annuitants Association

  • Sponsored Account IDs, for those who wish to donate their time to NIU, may be created after completing a number of forms through NIU's Human Resource Services and following instructions above in the Account Creation section.


  • MFA is required for authentication to various services.


The main telephone directory is maintained by DoIT to present information about people and departments at NIU.

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