Identity and Access Control

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NIU’s Division of Information Technology (DoIT) manages the university’s electronic identities and the related accounts, passwords, and permissions required to grant access privileges according to published polices and guidelines. DoIT ensures that all individuals and services are properly authenticated, authorized and audited.

Accounts and Passwords

  • Student Accounts (Z-IDs) are created for every applicant and canceled if the student fails to enroll. Students lose account access 400 days after graduation or 10 days after withdrawal.
  • Employee Accounts (often called A-IDs or AccountIDs) are created when an employee is formally hired. The account expires 210 days after retirement date. The AccountID allows access to MyNIU, including a W-2. Accounts are deleted according to the requirements in the Illinois State Records Act.
    • When faculty separate from NIU, they can request an employee extension account to retain their employee accounts and associated email address.
    • When faculty and staff retire from NIU, they can request a retiree account and associated email account. Retired employees must join NIU’s Annuitants Association to retain access to their retiree accounts. Otherwise, the employee account loses access to email 180 days after retirement, and wireless access and library access 210 days after retirement.
  • Affiliates of the university including volunteers, those accessing Blackboard Communities, vendors, researchers and some families in student housing may also be granted accounts.


  • NIU uses LDAP authentication for most enterprise and web applications, allowing other IT units access to a shared library in order to use LDAP authentication for their own locally-developed and hosted web applications; 
  • Microsoft’s Active Directory is used to authenticate to NIU wireless as well as Windows workstations and servers; and
  • as a member of the InCommon Federation, NIU provides Shibboleth authentication to a number of research and scholarly sites.


The Division provides identity and directory services with eDirectory, a product of MicroFocus.  The Identity Vault is at the center of NIU’s identity and authentication services, taking information from authoritative sources and provisioning it to other services. is maintained by DoIT and uses the Identity Vault to present information about people and departments at NIU.

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