We understand that an accessible, reliable and secure connection to the internet is a key component to your success whether you are learning or working at NIU. 

To improve security, all students, staff and faculty are required to use their NIU username and password to connect to the encrypted ‘NIUwireless’ Wi-Fi network on their compatible devices such as phones, tablets and laptops.

Below are guidelines and instructions for connecting your devices to the available Wi-Fi networks on campus.

NIU Visitor

The un-encrypted ‘NIUvisitor’ Wi-Fi network is designed to cater to guests visiting campus. Guests visiting campus can register for access to the visitor Wi-Fi network. This registration will be valid for 5 days from the registration date.

Students, Staff and Faculty

Students, staff and faculty using laptops and phones to connect to the internet should access the ‘NIUwireless’ Wi-Fi network by logging in with their NIU username and password.

We understand that not all of your personal devices can authenticate to the encrypted NIU Wireless network. Gaming devices, Smart TVs, personal assistants and other internet capable devices that cannot perform the normal authentication process may be registered to the un-encrypted ‘NIUvisitor’ Wi-Fi network via the MyDevices Portal. As these devices will be using an un-encrypted and unauthenticated network, they are prohibited from transmitting any private or restricted data.

It is the device owner’s responsibility to:

  • keep these devices up to date with vendor supplied security fixes
  • secure these devices from unauthorized use such as, but not limited to
    • anonymous casting of in appropriate or offensive content
    • transmitting copyrighted or restricted material
    • participating in or inciting DDoS attacks
    • any other malicious cyber use
  • know and follow the NIU Acceptable Use Policy

Students, Staff and Faculty may register up to five (5) personal devices. MyDevice network access will be removed after the device has been inactive for 180 days (not connected to NIUvisitor network for 180 days) and it will be required to be re-registered if access is still needed.

NIU Managed Devices

For NIU owned and managed devices that cannot connect to the encrypted ‘NIUwireless’ Wi-Fi network, DoIT has created a process to register these devices that allows access to the network by connecting to the un-encrypted ‘NIUregistered’ Wi-Fi network. As these devices will be using an un-encrypted and unauthenticated network, they are prohibited from transmitting any private or restricted data.

For these devices, employees can submit a request to add these devices to the registered devices list. Go to the IT portal > Request Services > Wi-Fi Device Registration and submit the required information. Please note that these registered devices will be cleared on July 31 every year (beginning CY 2022) and require to be re-registered beginning Aug. 1 if access is still needed.


The ’eduroam’ Wi-Fi network is a secure, network service provided on NIU campuses to provide the ability for visiting faculty and student of participating institutions to easily gain secure network access utilizing their home institution credentials. It also provides NIU faculty and students that will be visiting a participating institution the ability to pre-configure their device for ‘eduroam’ access, making gaining secure access while away automatic.

View a map of where you can connect to the ‘eduroam’ Wi-Fi network with your NIU login.

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